The financial community plays a critical role in all aspects of the economy and its development. In the Middle East, the community has blossomed in a short span of time from primarily facilitating trade to becoming innovators in their own right on a global scale. With that, the region has also become exposed to global financial complexity driving regional business leaders, policy makers, investors and financial professionals to share methods and devise partnering strategies to be internationally competitive.


The Financial Leaders’ Forum provides an expedient platform for decision makers to participate in collective thinking to address issues that are of most importance to their financial, investment and business prospects. The event also creates opportunities for peers to network within a private environment.



In collaboration with DNMconnect, the Financial Leaders’ Forum was launched in 2010 to commemorate Standard & Poor’s 150th anniversary and as an expression of the firm’s commitment to the Middle East’s financial community.


Event Details

  • 6th Financial Leader's Forum
    Wednesday, May 11th 2016

    Economic sustainability through strengthened financial markets

    Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Paris Room,
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

GCC Financial Community

“Poised for global competitiveness”

The financial community in the Middle East generates around 7% of regional GDP. In the GCC the financial sector contributes almost US$ 100 billion to the economy, accounts for nearly 40% of market capitalization, employs over 200,000 and is an engine for respective national economic growth prospects.