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Dr. Paul Sheard

Chief Global Economist and Head of Global Economics & Research

Dr. Paul Sheard serves as Chief Global Economist and Head of Global Economics & Research. Dr. Sheard has held the same position at Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, since June 2012 and was named to his wider role with the Company in 2013. He is also a member of the Standard & Poor’s Executive Committee. Earlier in his career, he spent eight years at Lehman Brothers, where he held similar positions and also served as Asia Chief Economist. He has also served as Head of Japan Equity Investments at Baring Asset Management. Dr. Sheard has held faculty positions at Osaka University and the Australian National University and held visiting positions at Stanford University and the Bank of Japan. Dr. Sheard is the author of several books and articles on corporate governance and the Japanese economy. His book, The Crisis of Main Bank Capitalism (Toyo Keisai Shinposha), earned him the Suntory?Gakugei Prize in the Economics – Politics Division. He was a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the International Monetary System in 2010?12. Dr. Sheard holds a bachelor’s degree from Monash University in Australia and a master’s of economics and doctorate from the Australian National University.