Daniel Brown

Hüseyin Erkan

Chairman and CEO, Istanbul Stock Exchange

Prior to his recent appointment as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Istanbul Stock Exchange by the Turkish Government, Mr. Erkan was the Chief Advisor to the Board of Konya Sugar Company; largest private sector group of companies in sugar refining and agricultural products; to restructure the group's activities.

Mr. Erkan served as the General Manager of Ticaret Securities, Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) for and was also a Board Member of Takasbank (Central Securities Depository, Settlement and Clearing Bank of ISE).

Mr. Erkan had additional responsibilities during his term at the ISE as a member of the Executive Board of Turkish-Japanese Business Counsel; Co-Director of projects with the OECD in SME financing and best practices for devoloping stock exchanges; representative of ISE at FEAS and other organisations such as the International Organisation of Securities Commissioners (IOSCO), the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), as well as being the Joint Project Coordinator of South East European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) to implement a cooperation Project for the securities markets in the Balkans. He also initiated a project for the cooperation of securities markets of the islamic countries in COMSEC Subcommittee under the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC). Mr. Erkan graduated from New York University Stern Business School with a B.S degree in Economics (1981) and an MBA in the fields of International Business and Finance (1984) with a thesis project on currency risk management at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).