Daniel Brown

Dr. Farouk Soussa

Chief Economist MENA, Citigroup

Farouk Soussa is Citi's Chief Economist for the Middle East, responsible for macro-surveillance of the GCC (gulf) and Levant (Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq) region. Farouk is based in Dubai and joined Citi from Standard & Poor's where he was the head of Government Ratings for the Middle East and Africa (2004-2010).

Farouk started his career at the Bank of England, working in various divisions within the Financial Stability wing of the Bank, ultimately as a senior economist within the International Finance Division. While at the Bank, Farouk spent 18 months as a financial regulator with the Financial Services Authority (FSA), and did a 6-month post-doctoral Jean Monnet fellowship at the European University Institute in Florence. Farouk holds a Master's degree in Finance and a PhD in Economics from University of Birmingham, UK.