Daniel Brown

Dr. Saleh Malaikah

Chairman, Salama

Dr. Malaikah chairs the board of Rusd International Holding Group, registered in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is also the chairman of a group of insurance & reinsurance companies and leasing companies in addition to memberships on the boards of several other companies that are listed on the exchanges of a number of capital markets.

A member of several public service organizations, supported by the government, amongst is the Investment Consultant to the King Abdul Aziz Foundation for the Gifted (Mawheba); membership on the board of the Higher Education Fund; founding membership on the board of trustees of the Org. for Accounting & Auditing Islamic Financial Ins. (OAAIFI). Among the companies Dr. Malaikah chairs are Saudi SALAMA, Taajeer, Alawwal (all Saudi companies), BEST Re (Malaysia), Egyptian Saudi Insurance Home (EISEH), Rusd Investment Bank (Malaysia). He is also Vice chairman of the Asian Finance Bank (a commercial bank in Malaysia).Academically he was Assistant Professor at KFUPM (King Fahd University for Petroleum & Minerals). Dr. Malaikah obtained his Ph.D. from University of Michigan, specializing in Finance & Investment, after graduating with B.Sc. (Eng.) and MBA.